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Benefits of Contract Truck Hire

Running a fleet of Trucks in 2012 is both expensive and technically demanding.

A Truck today can cost anything from €80,000, so it would not be unusual for a large fleet owner to have an investment of many millions tied up in their fleet - an unproductive use of their scarce resources.

Contract Hire frees up this cash by giving the fleet owner full use of the Vehicles without the expense or hassle of owning it.

The amount of design change to comply with the ever increasing raft of EU regulation on Safety and Emissions control is on the increase and is adding on an annual basis to both the cost and technical sophistication of running these vehicles. This has put huge pressure on companies to examine smarter and more cost effective ways of running their fleets. The Contract Hire solution is an excellent way for companies to relieve themselves of the high costs and technical requirements of operating a fleet while still controlling the day to day operational use of the vehicles.

The key financial advantages are as follows:

  • No Capital outlay
  • 3/5 year fixed costs
  • Completely accurate budgeting. No hidden costs.
  • Off balance sheet financing
  • No Costs attached to providing Fleet Management.

Learn more about the other benefits of contract hire.

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