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Financial Benefits of Contract Truck Hire

Running a fleet of Trucks can be both expensive and technically demanding.

A truck can cost anything from €100,000 so it is not unusual for a large fleet owner to have an investment of many millions tied up in their fleet – which can be an unproductive use of their scarce capital resources.

There are an ever increasing raft of EU regulations on Safety and Emissions Control which must be complied with, however these requirements can add to both the cost and to the technical sophistication of running the vehicles. These measures have placed pressure on companies to examine a smarter and more cost effective way of running their fleets. The National ‘Contract Hire Plan’ solution is an excellent way for companies to relieve themselves of these high costs and technical requirements, while still controlling the day-to-day operational use of the vehicles and fleet.

Contract Hire frees up capital by giving the fleet owner full use of the vehicles without the expense or hassle of owning them.

The key Financial Benefits:

  • No Capital outlay.
  • 3/5 year fixed costs.
  • Completely accurate budgeting. No hidden costs.
  • Off balance sheet financing.
  • No costs attached to providing Fleet Management.

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Customer Reviews

"Rented a Renault Master to help with a house contents move. Super vehicle and great guys to deal with at the Ballycoolin office. Really good value too, but I'd recommend National because of the service you get - first class."
– Declan Moroney

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