Tips for Reducing Van Hire Costs

Looking to save on Van Rental? Learn How

The moving process can become expensive for those that don’t plan ahead carefully. There are many costs to consider, including the cost of packing materials and the potential financial loss due to time away from work. The cost to hire a van is also an element Dublin homebuyers must evaluate before they begin the moving process. In this article, the team here at Dublin-based National Truck Rental highlights their three tips for reducing van hire expenses.

Tip 1: Choose Off-Peak Moving Days

The vast majority of people move home on the weekend, either due to their work schedules or the need to plan for taking children to school during the week. But, when possible, those moving to a new home should consider moving on a weekday. This will help to reduce the cost of the van hire process considerably. Most local Dublin companies lower their van hire rates during weekdays. In addition, choosing a weekday move will also ensure the ideal vehicle is available on the day.

Tip 2: Compare Rates of Several Companies

One of the reasons many people end up overpaying on their van hire costs is due to the focus on one specific company and service. There are now multiple companies for homebuyers to select from within the local marketplace, and so it’s important to compare the rates of a number of companies before making the final decision. An important element in this process is looking at the company’s rate in close detail. What are the insurance costs as part of the service? Does the company offer timing flexibility as part of the van hire process? These are important questions to ask when speaking representatives of the various companies.

Tip 3: Plan Move Alongside a Specialist

When planning the home move, it’s important for Dublin homebuyers to work directly with their van hire specialist. The company’s representatives can help in each step in the planning process to determine what the client needs during their move. A benefit of this approach is that it can prevent the client from overspending on a larger vehicle than they need. It can also ensure that the timing of the process is seamless, to minimize the time spent away from work and duties around the home.

Tip 4: Keep Company Information After the Move

Once the move has been completed, homebuyers may still be able to reduce the costs of a future move by working with the company again in future. And so it’s important to keep the company’s information in an easy to access place. Homebuyers can also give the information to friends and family members to help them make savings on future home moves.

By crafting a careful plan for their home move, Dublin property buyers can significantly limit their van hire costs. To find out more please call our friendly rental team or fill out the enquiry form and one of our customer care representatives will get back to you.


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