How to Move Plants

How to Safely Pack and Transport Plants

Plants are an integral part of most proud homemakers’ houses. If you are moving house then it is highly likely that you will want to take your beloved plants with you, even though a task of this nature can be extremely difficult. You may have even have figured out where you want your potted plants to go in your new home. Your plants are important to you – they could have been costly to buy, time-consuming to maintain, and you want them to reach their final destination in the best condition possible.

Preparing plants for packing

Start packing your plants at least a week before the scheduled house moving dates. Begin by killing any pests with an appropriate pesticide. Another method of killing unwanted plant pests is to wrap the plants in a black plastic bag with a common flea collar. Do not open the bag for 24 hours.

Packing plants for moving

Once all pest problems have been dealt with, you can begin packing plants for moving. Find a strong box or crate – look for something that is not going to break under the weight of the plant. If you are unsure, strengthen the box with durable packaging tape. Secure the plants in the box with appropriate packing materials – polystyrene ‘chips’ or old blankets are ideal for this purpose. The plants leaves should also be protected. Using damp paper towels will keep the leaves and stem moist (hydrated) and contained so that they don’t move around in transit. For extra caution, place a layer of damp towels on top of the plant and mark the box it occupies with ‘DO NOT LOAD’.

Plants on the move

If you can, transport your plants in your own vehicle. If this is not possible then it is suggested that you hire an appropriate vehicle (van or truck) that you load and drive yourself. One cannot rely on a removal company to provide your plants with the special care they need to make it to their destination in good health.

Always bear in mind that plants are sensitive, biotic organisms; so if you are moving them by car over a long distance then you should make every effort to keep them away from harsh temperatures. Regulating the temperature in your vehicle will help your plants survive the stress of the move.

Unpacking plants

Use extra caution when you unpack plants because they are already feeling stressed from being moved. Remove the plants from the bottom of the box so that you avoid placing unnecessary stress on the stem. In some cases you may have to cut the box away to avoid disturbing delicate leaves that are already at breaking point. Plants that have been in the dark for a few hours shouldn’t be put in direct sunlight right away. Rather find a shaded area to put them in while they readjust to sunlight.

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