How to Reduce Your Costs When You Rent a Van for the Spring Move

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How to Reduce Your Costs When You Rent a Van for the Spring Move

The spring weather is finally arriving across Dublin and local people across the city are now planning their moves to coincide with the change in the temperatures. It’s the ideal time to consider the house move planning process. And so, for those of you at this stage, we’ll take a look at how to reduce your costs when you rent a van for your upcoming home move.

Choose Insurance Carefully

One of the most important steps you can take to reduce your costs when you rent a van is to choose comprehensive insurance options. Without this service, you may be spending more money trying to repair a damaged vehicle or replace items that have been lost during the move. Review the rental company’s full range of insurance options before you pick your ideal service.

Connect with the Rental Company Directly

While it might be simple to go online and book your van rental through an online form, this isn’t always the best way to achieve the best value price on the rental. Try to connect with the rental company directly and speak with someone in their offices. They may be able to guide you on special offers the company has on new rentals. They may also be able to advise you on a more affordable rental vehicle for your moving needs.

Consider Fuel Policies

One area that many renters don’t consider when renting a vehicle for their upcoming home move is the fuel policy of the rental company. The fuel policy dictates the price you’ll have to pay if you don’t fill the vehicle up before you give it back to the firm. This is often far more expensive than a tank of petrol and may end up costing you hundreds of euros more for your rental if you don’t follow the rules.

Plan the Move Ahead of Time

A key reason that many people are unsuccessful in completing their home moves cost-effectively is that they don’t plan the move well in advance. You might find that a friend isn’t available, and therefore you have to rent a vehicle on another day to complete the move. Make sure that each element of the rental process is completed well in advance. Make sure all parties to the move know the plan and understand their role within the moving process.

Our team here at National Truck Rental has decades of experience within the van rental industry. We’re here to help guide you in reducing the cost to rent a van and in achieving your home move objectives. To learn more on this process, please fill out our enquiry form.

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