Rent a Van for Less with National Truck Rental

Dublin, Ireland-based experts for van rental options, National Truck Rental are now helping home movers throughout the region lower their rental costs. When those moving home rent a van through National Truck Rental, they can choose the company’s daily deal, midweek and weekend specials to save hundreds on their moving costs. It’s just one way in which National Truck Rental is helping support clients throughout the local community.

In moving home, Dublin homeowners must consider how to minimise their costs. The moving process is becoming ever-more expensive – with storage, transportation and packing costs to consider. And so, it’s important to work with organisations adept at helping their clients consolidate their moving expenditures. National Truck Rental is a leader within the van rental industry, and they’re now offering a range of special offers to help customers reduce their costs.

The company’s latest daily special offer provides renters with the opportunity to rent a large van for just €75 per day. The large van is the ideal vehicle for moving items from a 1-to-2-bedroom home and features a side-loading door option for optimal accessibility. With a capacity of 13 cubic meters, renters will find the large van suitable for their most challenging of moving requirements!

To discover more about the available rental options offered through National Truck Rental, please contact our team.

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