National Truck Rental Offers Special Events Van Hire Service

Special Events Van Hire Service

Dublin, Ireland-based experts for comprehensive van hire services, National Truck Rental has recently announced they’re offering a special events service. Through the company’s special events service, clients can work directly with a special events handler. The specialist can analyse the client’s needs and then devise a van hire strategy that ensures the event requirements are met with precision.

When planning their special events, large organizations must consider their transit requirements carefully. For example, they must analyze whether they need refrigerated vans to deliver their food items to the event, and consider the spatial requirements for the vans that will be needed. To help ensure events are a complete success, the team at National Truck Rental is now offering a special events van hire service.

Through the National Truck Rental special events service, an events expert will be allocated to the client’s event. The special events handler will then guide the entire planning process for the client’s event transit needs. This ensures that all due transit considerations are made to help eliminate potential event problems. National Truck Rental has one of the most diverse and comprehensive fleets within the rental marketplace, and can provide access to box vans, refrigerated vans, small city vans and more!
It’s the trusted service for exceptional special event transit options.

To find out more please call our friendly rental team or fill out the enquiry form and one of our customer care representatives will get back to you.

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