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Dublin, Ireland-based leaders for van rental services, National Truck Rental are now inviting business owners to review our contract hire services. The company’s experts have many years’ experience delivering unparalleled vehicle services to local clientele, and our contract hires services include all elements business owners require to cover our fleet demands for the long-term.

Oftentimes growing companies require additional vehicles to support our logistics processes. The need to complete deliveries on time and with the utmost precision is critical for firms to maintain our industry reputations. And that’s why many fleet operators are now turning to contract hire services. The contract hire services from van rental leaders National Truck Rental are now saving local fleet operators significant amounts on our operating costs.

Included within the National Truck Rental contact hire services is full coverage for all maintenance and repair work. The company’s team also offers free replacement for vehicles in case of breakdowns, and they can provide 24-hour breakdown service, limiting the impact of the vehicle loss on the company. our comprehensive service also includes CVRT testing to ensure vehicles are road-worthy and they also offer additional vehicles at a lower contact costs to current contract hire clients. It’s the ideal service for growing fleet operators across the country.

To discover more on the contact hire services offered by National Truck Rental, please contact our team now.

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