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Boxing Tips for Packing Your Van or Truck Rental

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Refrigerated van

Tips on how to best pack your Packing Boxes

Size and Strength of box

If you are doing the packing yourself, then start the process as early as possible. Ensure that you use moving boxes (double-wall boxes) and packaging materials that are strong enough and large enough to accommodate your needs. Larger boxes will allow you to maximize the space inside them which means fewer trips to and from the van. Also try to acquire boxes that are the same size because this will make your life easier when packing your self-drive removal van. In some cases, you won't need to empty everything out of movable drawers and cupboards, just remove breakable items and pack them separately.

  • Never pack boxes so heavily that they are a danger to lift and move. If they are becoming heavy then fill in the gaps with lightweight, bulky items like linen and cushions. Books, photo frames and crockery become heavy in numbers, use smaller boxes for these items.
  • Always place heavy items in the bottom of the box. If possible, try stand things like plates on their end as this way they are more resilient.
  • Ensure that all lids, tops on bottles or anything else that could spill are secure.
  • Ensure that you use a reputable parcel tape to fasten boxes from top to bottom. You will regret folding the box flaps as a sealing mechanism. Once a box is packed, the only thing left to do is label the box with the contents and be sure to clearly mark boxes containing fragile items.

Types of Boxes

You will use different types of boxes for different jobs. Small double-walled boxes should be used to pack books into these are among the heaviest things you will have to pack. Linen boxes are generally bigger because the contents are bulky.

Items that should not be packed into standard moving boxes

Never pack flammable items like paraffin or creosote in to moving boxes. These will not be allowed into the moving van and will render any insurance cover invalid. Ensure that sharp items like knives and tools are placed into a solid container before they go into a cardboard box. Acid-free tissue paper can be used to prevent silverware from tarnishing. If you are storing your items for a long period of time it is advisable you rub them down with this material.

Are you still planning a move? Perhaps you don't trust the services of a removal company. Why not consider doing a self-drive move? Find out more about a commercial vehicle rental company in Ireland that has specially adapted, self-drive vehicles to make your move as stress free as possible.

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