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Business Vehicle Rental

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Commerical Truck and Van Rental plans

For our business customers, we offer very flexible short & longer term business rental plans. If you are new to renting or not 100% sure of the correct vehicle choice for your business, we recommend our “Try before you Buy” option.

For some of our business customers we understand your need is temporary – maybe one of your vehicles is in for repair or you need an additional vehicle to handle extra seasonal demand. If this sounds like you, check out our Short Term Rental page to find out all you need.

Alternatively, you may already know that the financial benefits of long term rental makes sense as well as outsourcing all of the legislative and extensive maintenance demands that come with running your own fleet – head on over to our Long Term/Contract Hire page and find out more about why National is your perfect partner for long term commercial vehicle hire.


Short Term
Business Rental

Flexible rental options to get your business moving

  • Flexible rental contracts - a day, a week, a month
  • Fleet up to meet variable demand in your business
  • All rental options include vehicle maintenance and servicing
  • Thinking of contract hire? Try before you buy

Long Term
Business Rentals / Contract Hire

Unlock the hidden capital in your business and create predicable costs for your vehicles

  • Long term contracts over 12 months providing predictable vehicle costs
  • Packages from as little as one vehicle to an entire fleet
  • Vehicles customised to suit your business requirements
  • Vans and Trucks wrapped in your company branding


We Buy, You Rent

Interested in Contract Hire but you already have invested in your own fleet?

First and foremost, working with National Truck and Van rental is a partnership and we want to make managing your fleet as easy as possible!

We will buy your used vehicles at Market prices, help you choose your BRAND NEW replacement vehicles which you can completely customise and you can immediately enjoy the benefits of our hassle free Contract Hire Plan

Talk to our experienced rental team today!

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