Rent or Buy a Van for your Business

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Need a Van Hire For Your Business? Do You Buy or Rent?

Your business may require the use of a vehicle for many reasons. Perhaps you must transport perishable items to various events on a routine basis. You might deliver your products to local residents and businesses. Maybe you occasionally move items to trade shows, in order to showcase your most popular products to potential customers.

Whatever your reasons may be for needing a vehicle, you might wonder whether you should buy or rent a van. If you consider the pros and cons of how each option might affect your business, you should be able to reach a decision that makes the most sense for your company.

Local business owners who opt for van hire in Dublin can benefit from the selection at National Truck Rental (NTR). We offer a fleet of vehicles to accommodate small businesses and large companies.

Purchase or Rent a Van – Which Choice Will Most Benefit Your Business?

When you think about the benefits and disadvantages associated with owning or leasing a company vehicle, you can then match your needs accordingly. Although purchasing a van may seem like a wise investment, in many cases, hiring a vehicle is more convenient and cost effective.

Consider these points as you make your decision:

  • Maintenance – Over time, vehicle upkeep can be quite costly. Instead of shouldering this responsibility and incurring a significant expense, you may want to hire a truck or van for an extended period of time. The money you save on maintenance can be better utilised to build your company, purchase equipment upgrades, or extend wage increases to deserving staff members.
  • Convenience – While it may seem that buying a vehicle will afford the most convenience, this might not always be true. You may envision your business equipped with a van that is always ready to be used. However, when the vehicle breaks down or needs to be serviced, you will probably need to consider at least a short-term van hire. If you simply hire a van initially instead of purchasing one, you will enjoy a higher degree of convenience altogether. Details such as tyre replacement, free replacement vehicles in case of breakdowns, and computerised service scheduling are all included in the NTR contract hire packages.
  • Allowable Expenses – As a business owner, you may be aware that certain motoring expenses can be claimed when you file taxes. You are generally allowed to claim such costs as fuel, repairs, and maintenance. You should also be able to claim your leasing expenses on your tax return. In fact, lease payments on vehicles used to operate your business are allowable, so you do not need to buy a van in order to enjoy a tax advantage.     

Businesses of many kinds require the use of vehicles. Whether your company needs a vehicle for a short time or for the long term, it could make more sense to rent a van than to buy one. The NTR team is happy to assist you in finding the best options for your business. We can also help you to customise our vans to best serve your purposes.

Consider van hire in Dublin for your business. Complete our online contact form today, and a representative will respond as quickly as possible.

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