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Discover the Van Rental Industry Trends Before You Rent a Van

We have recently begun highlighting the van rental trends for 2018. Our experts help local clients rent a van with affordable pricing on the latest makes and models and their latest research is designed to help clients learn more on the marketplace.
Ride sharing is now one of the dominant options across Ireland, particularly in the cities where vehicle ownership has become less cost-efficient for the modern owner. The ride sharing programs are becoming increasingly popular and at NTVR, we are helping meet demand within both the consumer and commercial marketplaces, saving customers hundreds of euro on rental costs.The latest data shows many are now turning to self-service rental options when they require a vehicle for upcoming travels or moving requirements. Self-service provides the consumer with the convenience of a swift turnaround for the rental process and helps minimize the time required for visiting the rental location and dropping off vehicles within set hours. It'll be interesting to see how this transforms the vehicle rental industry. To discover more on the future of the rental industry and learn how to rent a van at affordable pricing, turn to us today. Learn more by calling our team now, or request a quote.
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