Rent a Van in Dublin – Special Offer: Weekend Moving Deal is Now 3 Days!


Take Advantage of Our Attractive Weekend Van Hire Offer

No matter how excited you are about moving house, packing your belongings and transitioning from one place to another can be quite challenging. Several aspects, such as work commitments, or moving with young children or pets can make your move even more exhausting and expensive.

Finding the perfect van rental will make your Dublin house move relatively seamless and stress-free. In fact, if you plan a weekend move, you can take advantage of National Truck Rental’s ‘Weekend House Movers’ special rental rate on our 3.5 tonne Mini Mover van.

Here are some of the highlights of this offer:

  • With almost 17 cubic meters of space, our Mini Movers are ideal for moving all the stuff contained in a 1 or 2-bedroom apartment in a single trip.
  • You can drive this van on your regular B-Class driving license.
  • For large furniture or other odd-sized goods, just ask our team to add a hydraulic tail-lift to ease your loading process. If you need other moving accessories, or cooling or refrigeration facility in the van, simply indicate your requirements on our booking form.
  • You can combine the Super Cheap Hire Drive insurance along with this deal to ensure complete peace of mind during the moving process.

Based on feedback from past customers, we have now updated the Weekend House Mover deal and extended the special rates to 3 days, instead of 2! Save significantly when you rent a van with us under this offer! Keep an eye on our other attractive daily and midweek van hire specials if you cannot schedule your Dublin house move over a weekend.

When it comes to proper planning for a weekend move, you need to take care of many details. In order to address all aspects efficiently:

  • Create a moving checklist and start your packing process early. Follow a smart packing system, by organising and labelling your items in a way that they are easy to unpack.
  • Ensure seamless transition of services, such as phone, internet, cable, electricity, gas, and waste collection by talking to all the service providers in advance.
  • Equip yourself with the right-sized van or truck rental, along with the necessary moving accessories for loading and transporting all your belongings in one go.
  • Book early instead of scrambling for last minute transport or borrowing vehicles from family and friends. Not only will that cause more stress, but you may also end up making multiple trips between the two houses, increasing the time and cost of your move.

Streamline Your Moving Weekend with Reliable, Affordable Van Rental in Dublin

Ensure a smooth transition between your old house and your new one. Rent a van that is comfortable, affordable and reliable. Take advantage of NTR’s huge fleet of clean, well-maintained vans and trucks, along with various special deals and discounts. Our extensive line-up of vehicles and rental plans caters to a wide range of requirements and budgets. Don’t hesitate to approach our friendly van rental team for any queries or moving day questions. We would be happy to share more tips and tricks for a quick and efficient house move.

All set for your weekend house move in Dublin? To schedule the right van rental, speak to one of our customer care representatives, or fill out our enquiry form and we will get back to you with more information.

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