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Rent a Van for the Dublin Film Festival with National Truck and Van Rental

Our trusted team at National Truck & Van Rental has decades of experience in the rental marketplace, and we’ve continually helped local clients to save when they rent a van. During the Dublin Film Festival, many venue hosts need to transport large equipment from their store or warehouse to their staging space, and so it’s the ideal time to consider rental options through our team. In our latest post, we’ll explore the benefits of our service.
Affordable Pricing When you rent a van with National Truck & Van Rental, we can offer you affordable rental pricing. The cost to rent a van with our team is far more affordable than it would be through other companies. We also offer special pricing during the Dublin Film Festival. For example, over the weekend period, you’ll be able to rent a Luton Van for just €175 for the entire weekend. As part of our midweek special pricing offers, you can rent a refrigerated van for just €175 for two consecutive days Monday-to-Friday. Full Range of Vehicle Option Working with National Truck & Van Rental you’ll gain full access to the complete array of vehicles you’ll require for the Dublin Film Festival. Whether you require a large van, medium van or a smaller vehicle for small signs and other items, our inventory includes a full selection of high quality makes and models. Specialized Services In addition to our rental options, the team at National Truck & Van Rental offers a full range of specialised services designed to help you streamline the rental process. For example, we can offer comprehensive insurance services to help you save hundreds of euro on your coverage costs for the coming event. Our team are experts at helping clients choose the ideal coverage for their unique demands and can offer customized coverage for cases such as secondary drivers and special vehicles. It’s the trusted service for peace-of-mind on the road. We’re ready to help guide you in choosing the ideal vehicle for the upcoming Dublin Film Festival! To learn more on our vehicle options, give our offices a call today. Our experts will be happy to get you started on your rental needs.
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