When You Rent a Van in Dublin in the Coming Weeks Consider the Following 3 Questions

When You Rent a Van in Dublin in the Coming Weeks Consider the Following 3 Questions

Through the effective selection of van rental services, you can streamline the rental process and consolidate your expenditure. But thousands of people moving home throughout Dublin fail to research the process carefully, and this can often mean they don’t have the requisite information to guide them during the rental process. In this latest post, our Dublin team will help you to rent a van simply by answering three common customer questions.

  1. How Long in Advance Do I Have to Book?

Depending on the complexity of the moving process, you might have to book months in advance. Another important consideration is the timing of the move. During the summer season for example, if you want to rent a van for a Dublin move you’ll find you’re in the company of thousands of others in this large city. This might mean you don’t have access to your ideal vehicle when it comes time to book. If you have a complex move ahead or you’re planning a summer move, make sure you have vehicle selection priority by booking at least one month in advance.

  1. What Costs Should I Consider?

Apart from the direct rental costs there are numerous other elements to consider when considering the financial viability of the rental process. One important consideration is the petrol to pay for the rental vehicle. If you’re traveling to and from a rental facility outside the city, the petrol costs for the transportation should be taken into consideration. Another important element to consider when you ran a van in Dublin is any late charges you might accrue from the booking. Many companies charge significant late fees even if the vehicle is brought back to their lot only a few minutes after their facility closes. Make sure you discuss possible late charges with the company and plan ahead to ensure you don’t overspend on the rental.

  1. Which Vans Suit My Moving Needs?

By considering all the available vans for rent on the marketplace, you can make the ideal decision for your home move. The van should have enough space for each of your moving team members. It should also offer you enough room to move all your belongings in one or two trips. Talk to the team at your local van rental company to ensure they have the ideal vehicle ready for you.

Our experienced team at National Truck Rental is now helping local renters reduce their van rental costs! To learn more on the full range of options we have available, contact us today.

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