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Top Tips when Hiring a Van or a Truck

If you are planning a house or apartment move and contracting a specialist removal company doesn’t seem like your best option, then consider hiring a van or a lightweight truck and doing the move yourself.
Below are a few tips on hiring a van.

Which size Van or Truck?

Before choosing a vehicle think about what you want to move. Bear in mind that the larger the vehicle is, the more costly it is going to be to hire. In addition, bigger vehicles may come with different driver licence requirements.

The Mini Mover

Most van and truck rental companies have a variety of vehicles for you to choose from – something to fit every customer’s demand! Check the specifications and prices of the vans and trucks available, make sure you are selecting the right vehicle for the job and getting value for money.

A popular choice when it comes to self-drive removals, the Mini Mover box van is always a good all-round option. Compared to the normal panel van, it is designed to maximise the available space and allow for easier packing. A Mini Mover box van should be able to hold the contents of a two bedroom apartment in one trip. And remember, be ordered with your packing!

If you have heavy-duty or bulky items to move then consider hiring a truck with an hydraulic Tail-Lift. It will automatically lift heavy items like sofas, pianos and safes into the back of the truck saving you time, hassle and back ache.

Driving License – which Class?

Remember to keep your type of driving licence in mind when hiring a van or truck. In Ireland, you can typically drive any vehicle up to a Mini Mover (Transit Luton) van on a normal Class B licence. However vehicles over 3.5 tons typically require a Class C or Class C1 licence. Check out our Our Vehicles for more details on driving licence requirements.

Be Observant

If you are driving the rental vehicle yourself, remember to be cautious of any overhead obstructions; trees, bridges and electricity wires. After driving a regular vehicle these are things you won’t be used to looking out for.

How long? How many trips? How far?

Before contacting a Van and Truck rental company, you’ll need to have an idea of how long you’ll need the vehicle for.

  • What items need to be moved (size)
  • How long will it take to pack and unpack the Van or Truck
  • How far away is the destination
  • How many trips

This is important, as many companies start charging for mileage after a fixed allowance (the mileage allowance varies between companies). Should you be travelling further than the mileage allowance, then investigate prices from companies that offer unlimited mileage – this way you may avoid hidden costs upon returning the vehicle. Don’t worry. You can park your car with us for free when you pick up your van or truck. Customer vehicles are parked at their own risk.

Special Offers

Enquire about Special Offers. Many companies offer special rates on the weekend with the added bonus of not having to return the vehicle after 24 hours.

When you take delivery of the vehicle, inspect the exterior and interior condition. Note any irregularities so that the company cannot hold you liable when the vehicle is returned.

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Customer Reviews

"Rented a Renault Master to help with a house contents move. Super vehicle and great guys to deal with at the Ballycoolin office. Really good value too, but I'd recommend National because of the service you get - first class."
– Declan Moroney

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