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House Move with Children and Pets? Packing Tips from Your Van Hire Service

11 February 2016

Moving House Tips, Truck Rental


See How to Pack—Tips from the Pros' at Your Van Hire Company

There is nothing easy about packing up a house. Toss in a child, a pet (or two), and the move just got a lot more complicated. You may be worried about how your child will deal with their treasures being packed away or will the family dog’s items will be accidentally packed or lost in the move. To make the process of moving with pets and/or children a little easier, here are some survival tips from your van hire service that can make packing more efficient and stress-free.

Essential Packing Tips When Planning a House Move with Children and pet(s).

It does not matter if your child is five years old or you have older children. How you pack their belongings will determine how smooth the overall moving process goes. Also, when you add a family pet in, it can become complicated.

Use these 4 quick tips to simplify the packing process:

  • Give yourself plenty of lead time. Do not start packing a week before the move. Instead, slowly begin packing up items around the house you do not need every day. Start this at least a month or so ahead of time.
  • Pack when the kids are asleep. Out of sight, out of mind! That always makes it easier with kids. If your children cannot handle watching their personal belongings packed away, wait until they go to sleep and then start packing them up. Do not do it all in one night, but spread it out over time so that they do not notice things missing. While you are doing your midnight packing, do not forget to use the dark of night to toss out those unwanted, broken or old toys you have been meaning to discard.
  • Have the kids help. Sometimes children will be less reluctant if you have them help. They can use a marker to label boxes, hand you the tape or even help wrap items in paper. After all, making sure her favourite little bunny has a cosy “bed” in a shoebox with soft padding will make it easier for your princess to pack that toy for the move!
  • Have a 'go-bag' for kids and pets. Never pack essentials that your children or pets will need in the Van Hire. Instead, create a 'go-bag'. For example, your 'go-bag' could contain pet treats, a few of your dog’s favourite toys and a few days’ worth of food. For your child, have their favourite toys, activity books and snacks. If your child is in diapers, make sure you have enough in the 'go-bag' to last while you unpack the rest.

Hire a Reliable Van Hire Service

The last thing you need while juggling children and pets is something to go wrong with your van rental. To avoid any hiccups, sign up with a company that has a reputation for reliability and dependable trucks. Here at National Truck & Van Rental, we constantly service and maintain our fleet, so you never have to worry about a truck being out of commission. Not sure which van to hire? Use our moving truck guide for help! To find out more please call our friendly rental team or fill out the enquiry form and one of our customer care representatives will get back to you.
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